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Have any gently used equipment you no longer need?

We’re always looking for gently used equipment – skates, sticks, pads, gloves, pants – of all sizes. In fact, what we most need right now are adult sizes!

Stu Shaw is our equipment manager – email him with questions. Or you can leave it at the Pro Shop at the Ice Plex with a note on it that says “TSHA.”

Pass this message along! We appreciate all the help we can get.

Parents: Please Read
Water Bottles

We need all participants to bring their own water in an appropriate container to the bench at the start of practice. Please be sure the water bottle has a straw or is easy to squirt into your player’s mouth without them having to remove their helmet and gloves.

Thank you!!!


The program wouldn’t be able to keep going without the help of our mentors and parents. It may not seem like much, but sharing your skating/hockey skills with our participants means a great deal to the individuals and their parents.

THANK YOU to everyone who comes out to help!!

What do our mentors do?

Most weekends, we have several kids in our Learn-To-Skate program. These kids usually need one-on-one attention and encouragement as they learn skating skills and some basics of hockey. If assigned to a relatively new skater, a mentor may have to help keep them upright and motivated to give skating a try. Others may have a bit more experience – with them, mentors can demonstrate skating skills and help them start gaining confidence.

Sometimes we’ll need mentors in the Learn-To-Play program to help the coaches run drills and keep the kids engaged and motivated.

What do we expect from our mentors?

  • Have fun. There’s nothing better than helping someone learn how to play hockey, now is there?
  • Patience. Our participants are special needs, which can mean many different things. A mentor’s job is to make sure everyone stays safe, learns a little bit and has fun.
  • Attention. Most of our mentors will be assigned to an individual. We expect each mentor to stick with their assigned person through the entire practice. If a mentor has questions or an issue arises, they should alert the coaches.
  • Help. Before each session, we need to set up the barriers, nets and any other equipment the coaches may need. Afterwards, it all needs to be put away. Mentors are expected to help with both of these activities, following instructions from coaches.
  • Restraint. When there is wide open ice and loose pucks, it can be tempting for mentors to forget that our time on the ice is not practice time for mentors – it is time for the program participants. We expect mentors to refrain from shooting pucks unless instructed by one of the coaches.

We’re always looking for new mentors. Volunter now!


It is a fun way to get some exercise, learn some skills, and interact with others. All skill levels (from none to experienced) are welcome to participate in the program, and we can always use mentors who can skate and are willing to help out.

We’ll have the Learn-to-Play and Learn-to-Skate participants attending through December, and then, starting in January, we’ll just have the Learn-to-Play (no Learn-to-Skate) for the remainder of the season.

We are striving to make our schedule more consistent (and have many fewer last minute cancellations or changes) than 2015-2016. We know how frustrating last minute changes are!

TSH is open to all individuals with developmental or physical disabilities who want to participate in ice hockey. We create a supportive, encouraging environment adapted to the level of ability of the participants. Hockey is a great way to develop coordination and concentration, and being on a team gives us all opportunities to learn how to work well with others.

If you are interested in finding out more, fill out the form below, and we’ll get you more details.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the ice!

In Memory of Michael Twiss

Michael Twiss was injured and passed away while playing hockey in Wake Forest. This campaign was set up to help his family.


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Go Dustin!

Dustin Ward, goalie for the Cat 5 Canes, is featured on the Children’s Organ Transplant Network!

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Triangle Special Hockey created an Adult Competitive and Youth Recreation Sled hockey team in September 2010. We are growing rapidly and in search of mobility impaired players of all ages. If you are interested in participating, volunteering or sponsoring the sled teams, contact us!

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