Today we’re incorporating a brand new, extra special experience to TSHA! Introducing: Player Spotlights! The most stand-out players both on and off the ice will be featured on our website, getting their very own page to themselves! This includes: an exclusive interview with the player, a photoshoot, and a gallery of the player’s awesome action shots!

The first superstar player I had the pleasure of interviewing is none other than Kevin C! Our #35 is a fantastic hockey player, and more importantly, a fantastic person. Want to know why? Here’s what Kevin has to say about it:

Do you know why you’re being interviewed today?

“Because it’s the 10 year anniversary, I believe?”

Not just that, you’re TSHA’s first Player Spotlight! [This is] for your exemplary work on and off the ice!

“Wow… I’m- I’m honored to hear that!”

Great! Do you like playing offense, defense? What’s your favorite position?

“I like to play whatever option is given to me. I used to be goalie for… four years I believe, until I changed my mind to be a player again.”

So you’re really versatile? That’s quite useful. So, how long have you been with TSHA?

“I’ve been here for at least eight years”

Wow! So you’re a veteran?


What’s your favorite part of this program?

“Well, my favorite part of this program is team building, and you can make friends and… If you were good last week, you can be [even] better this week. And, you know when to push yourself, and you can always see new faces and old faces, and it’s really fun.”

So you see yourself staying in this program for a long time?

“Yeah, for a long time”

Have you ever thought of playing competitively?

“Uh, I had [put] some thought in it”

What’s your favorite NHL team?

“Well, if I’m here locally, um, I guess the Hurricanes”

Good choice! I’ve heard that you’ve done some charity work. Can you tell me about your work with Locks For Love?

“Yes. When I started doing this league, I started doing an idea for donating my hair to cancer [patients]. So, I started growing my hair for at least five years, until then it was ready to cut- and it was 20 inches.”

[Wow!] Can you tell me about the experience when you donated your hair?

“It was quite a relief, and I felt glad that I did something good for these people who had cancer, battling through it and all. But- no more issue[s] about brushing my hair!

Hah, yeah. I bet that took a while to dry.


Well, congratulations on being the very first Player Spotlight! You’ll have your own section on the website where everyone can see this interview!

“Thank you!”