Support Us!

Donate Equipment

We’re always looking for equipment for our players! As long as it is still functional (please, toss your own badly damaged or beyond-repair equipment), we can likely put it to use.

You can drop it off at one of our practices (typically at the Ice Plex – check our calendar) or contact to make other arrangements.

Youth teams – we’d love to receive items from equipment drives!

Fundraise for us!

Do you/your team need to do a service project? We’d be happy to work with you to set up and easy way for you to do a peer-to-peer fundraiser, and do all the tracking for you!

See our list of ongoing fundraisers HERE.

Much of what we raise goes to pay for ice time. We appreciate everyone’s support!

Welcome to Triangle Special Hockey

Since 2007, we’ve been providing opportunities for those with special needs to play the sport of hockey. In 2022, we are expanding our offerings to include not only ICE hockey, but also street (or ball) hockey!

Upcoming Events

TSHA Facebook Group

We welcome new players!

We’d love to see you or your family member join us out on the ice or ball hockey rink. Before that can happen, we need you to do a few things:

  1. Let us know you are interested
  2. Sign up for American Special Hockey (ASHA)
  3. Get all the equipment you need (we have lots of donated equipment to share)
  4. Sign up for Practices

It may take a week or so to get all of this done – equipment fittings are by appointment only. Since we are a Hockey Program, all participants need to wear full hockey gear on the ice, and helmet and gloves on the ball hockey rink.

About Triangle Special Hockey

Hockey is a fun way to get some exercise, learn some skills, and interact with others. All skill levels (from none to experienced) are welcome to participate in the program, and we can always use mentors who can skate (for our ice hockey program) or have street/ball hockey experience.

TSH is open to all individuals with developmental or physical disabilities who want to participate in ice hockey and/or street/ball hockey. We create a supportive, encouraging environment adapted to the level of ability of the participants. Hockey is a great way to develop coordination and concentration, and being on a team gives us all opportunities to learn how to work well with others.

Our more experienced players with UNC Hockey on 10/1/2023

Warriors 2022 August 13, 2022

And our newest players along with our amazing mentors with UNC Hockey on 10/1/2023

Warriors 2022 August 13, 2022

Triangle Special Hockey Association Sponsors

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If Triangle Special Hockey isn’t for you, check out other organizations in the area that provide unique experiences for their participants based on their needs.
NC Hurricanes Warriors

Hurricanes Warriors

The Hurricanes Warriors exist to help alleviate both the physical and mental injuries of veterans as they interact with other veterans within the organization and navigate through life after military service. Many of our members credit the program for providing a sense of purpose, drive, and motivation to be better men and women for their families. Hockey allows these great men and women to have a healthy and productive outlet in which they so desperately need.
NC Hurricanes Warriors

Hurricanes Sled Hockey

Hurricanes Sled Hockey was created with the purpose of serving our community and enriching the lives of physically disabled individuals (and their families) of all ages and backgrounds, by providing them the opportunity to play adaptive ice hockey. We believe that hockey is for EVERYONE, so our focus is to break down the barriers, blur the lines, and make hockey accessible to ALL who want to play.
NC Hurricanes Warriors

Capital City Crew

Capital City Crew provides an opportunity for inner-city youth to play ice hockey through our partnerships with the Wake County Boys & Girls Clubs, Raleigh Youth Hockey Association (RYHA), and the Carolina Hurricanes. The program teaches life lessons and positive character traits such as leadership, gamesmanship, respect, cooperation, industriousness, honesty, and integrity through the sport of ice hockey.
New skater
Getting ready
Aiden, Brian and Jace at PNC
Warriors Game