Support Us!

Donate Equipment

We’re always looking for equipment for our players! As long as it is still functional (please, toss your own badly damaged or beyond-repair equipment), we can likely put it to use.

You can drop it off at one of our practices (typically at the Ice Plex – check our calendar) or contact to make other arrangements.

Youth teams – we’d love to receive items from equipment drives!

Fundraise for us!

Do you/your team need to do a service project? We’d be happy to work with you to set up and easy way for you to do a peer-to-peer fundraiser, and do all the tracking for you!

See our list of ongoing fundraisers HERE.

Much of what we raise goes to pay for ice time. We appreciate everyone’s support!

TSHA Athletes – Get a Free Stick from Bauer!


We recently heard from ASHA that Bauer is going to donate sticks to all players on our roster this year! This is an amazing gift – and we want to be sure we take advantage of it!

We need to submit information specific to EACH of our athletes (ALL LEVELS!!!) by December 12.  So I need the information below as soon as you can provide it.